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Haralson County Courthouse Buchanan Georgia
Old Haralson County Courthouse
Buchanan Georgia

Haralson County Courthouse Buchanan Georgia

A picturesque agglomeration of towers, turrets, arches, differing wall surfaces, windows in a variety of sizes and shapes, and exuberant ornament, the old Haralson County courthouse, which has stood proudly in the center of the square in little Buchanan since 1892, epitomizes the Victorian period. The building is Queen Anne in style. It was designed by Bruce and Morgan, whose partnership produced at least eight Georgia courthouses including several along U.S. 27.

The building now houses the local historical society. The present courthouse, a modern structure, is a half-mile east.

Buchanan is an exception to the general rule that the largest town in the county is also the county seat. When faced with the need to locate a courthouse in a newly established county, commissioners typically chose a central location accessible by horse and wagon in a half-day's time. While such places often grew to be the dominant trade centers in the county, some like Buchanan did not. Nonetheless, the little town retains much of
the charm long since remodeled away in larger communities.

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From U.S. 27 southbound, take 27 Business Route approximately one mile to Buchanan. The courthouse is in the center of the town square.

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