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Randolph County Courthouse Cuthbert Georgia
Randolph County Courthouse
Cuthbert Georgia

Randolph County Courthouse  Georgia

Randolph County Courthouse

By 1887, when this courthouse was completed, many of Georgia's counties had recovered from the devastation of the Civil War and had grown wealthy enough to afford "high style" courthouses. One of the favored styles of the period was Queen Anne, a fanciful approach to design. Playful and inventive forms were the rule. For example, on this building's tower the roof begins as a pyramid but ends as a cone. Other notable features include the Dutch stepped gable over the main entrance and the ornate Victorian lettering used on the front walls and interior stairposts.

The design was the work of architects Kimball, Wheeler and Parkins of Atlanta after the Civil War. For several years he had plenty of work to do there, thanks to a vistor named William T. Sherman.

Interestingly, Randolph County is the second Georgia county to be named for Virginia statesman John Randolph. The original Randolph County, in north central Georgia, changed its name to Jasper County after Randolph's stand on a sensitive issue enraged many Georigians. Later, Randolph was forgiven and when a new county was split off from Lee County it was named for him.

Southwest Quarter Chattahoochee Regional
Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 31
Cuthbert, Georgia 31740
(912) 732-2683

From U.S. 27 southbound, turn right at the Cuthbert sign
Continue into town on the old highway 27. The court house is on
the right. A block north of the town square.

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